Owner Services

Rent Analysis – Cornerstone has access to hundreds of rental units to determine pricing. Pricing analysis is based on supply and demand, location, and quality/features that the property offers.

Lease Signing – Cornerstone has a comprehensive lease that has stood the test of time as our lease offers great protection for our clients.

Documents – Cornerstone maintains several documents to go along with the lease. Documents include leases, tax documents (W9), inspection documents, insurance documents, utility documents, addendums and extensions to the lease, security deposit disputes, and notice documents which include but are not limited to notice to entry, 30 day notice to vacate or terminate, eviction, NSF notice, lease violation notice, 3 day notice, etc.

Move in and Move out Procedures – Cornerstone uses state of the art technology to track and maintain the condition of a property. All inspections are recorded and notated. Pictures are used throughout the inspection to ensure ‘every angle’ of the home is captured and documented. Inspections may result in work orders, which Cornerstone will determine whether they are Owner and/or tenant charges (Based on the Attorney General guidelines).

Regulatory Maintenance – Cornerstone facilitates maintenance as needed for all our properties. These may include sprinkler start up and turn offs, filter replacements for HVAC units, pet inspections, yearly inspections, bi-yearly inspections, winterization programs, preventative maintenance programs, and reserve funds for maintenance needs. Cornerstone’s policy is to communicate with Owners prior to completing maintenance needs.

Accounting – Cornerstone uses an award winning program, called Appfolio, for all accounting needs. Owners have access to over 20 different reports, including but not limited to, General Ledger account, Income Statement, balance sheet, Owner Statement, bills paid and unpaid, year-to-date accounting, etc. Each Owner will receive a 1099 report at the end of the year, with an itemized list of expenses. All accounting for the property can be run through our system. Most owners pay their own taxes and mortgage, and Cornerstone does the rest.

Tenant Management – Whether finding a new qualified tenant or maintaining a happy tenant in your property, Cornerstone has you covered. Cornerstone offers a 24 hour emergency maintenance line to avoid or mitigate catastrophic occurrences to your property. Cornerstone drive’s by the property during the ‘growing’ seasons to ensure your property is being maintained. Internal inspections are also performed on a bi-annual basis. New tenants must qualify through our 28-point inspection process. Cornerstone will gather all the information possible on any prospective tenant, including income verification, past tenant history, employment verification, bank/funds verification, vehicle verification, credit review, criminal review, outstanding debt review, etc. Once we find a great tenant, we want to keep that tenant! Cornerstone will manage all lease renewals and lease renewal inspections. Cornerstone will follow up with tenants and attend to their needs as they make your investment their home.